Creamy Mushroom Soup Thyme


Soup & stew season continues.  This week's medicinal meal-prep includes this delicious (GF, DF) cream of mushroom soup.

I used three different types of mushrooms: organic white, organic crimini and shiitake.  Edible mushrooms are beneificial because they contain polysaccharieds which are immune-modulating (support immune function), have antioxidants and are a food source of vitamin D, making this especially healthy during the winter months! Crimini mushrooms also have a lot of minerals including copper, zinc, selenium, manganese and potassium.  These trace minerals are super important for optimal health as their function is to be "co-factors" in many biochemical reactions throughout the body. Crimini mushrooms also contain a lot of B vitamins including; B1, B2, and Pantothenic Acid. Shiitake or (Lentinula edodes) has many medicinal properties include immune support, antioxiants and also supports cardiovascular health, (there is research on potential use in cancer therapy as well). Thyme, this culinary herb is both edible but also the essentail or volatile oils (carvacolo, borneol, geraniol and thymol) can also be beneficial.  This medicinal herb has been used most often for respiratory health including treating cough, wheezing or chest congestion.  It also has many antioxidants such as apigenin, luteolin and thymomin demonstrating anti-mircrobial, anti-spasmotic and expectorant actions and even bronchodilating!

The creamy broth is made with chicken bone broth and coconut milk, made hearty with chicken protein, thickened with powdered arrow root and seasoned with even more medicine in the form of onion, (in addition to thyme)! This winter season try this delicous creamy mushroom soup with all its health benefits to support immune and lung health!